Jerk Chicken for an all day long crown

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In about a month I'm doing a jerk chicken day for charity. The chicken will be smoked in the morning using pimento wood, etc.. etc..

The thing I am having trouble planning is how to serve the chicken to order. The chicken will be quartered prior to smoking.

We'll be having about 60 people come by within an 8 hour window. If I smoke my chicken in the morning, any opinions on the best way to have it ready to serve? Smoke it, cool it down and then grill it back up to temperature on order?
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I've been told by an islander from the Caribbean that it's rubbed with olive oil and jerk spices and sets overnight to marinate.  Maybe occasional stirring to distribute the seasonings and oil.  Then the next day it's cooked in the oven and finished on the grill.  Ive used this method several times and it's worked for me.
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