Jello Salad and Liverwurst

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I hate writing these things because I always either write a sentence or a novel. So lets see if I can make this just a paragraph.

I have worked professionally as a pastry chef and as a baker, I preferred pastry chef based on the environment and I loved working on plating. I gave up the glam life to stay home for a few years with my daughters. To entertain myself I started researching and cooking vintage foods. My favorite time period is the 1920's to 1950's but regularly go to up to the 70's and when bored I go back as for as the 1850's. After being home with children having adult conversations and typing in full sentences is something I am still working on getting used to doing again, so I'm sorry, in advance.  

I love all things jello salad, casserole, canned milk and organ meat and spent my time trying to get other people to too. I have a website focused on retro food and love to collect old cookbooks. 

I cant wait to start learning from all of you.

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