Jeff Smith/Frugal Gourmet Dies


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Saw the headline, but the browser won't pull up the article just now.

I'm sad. He was my inspiration into cooking.

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Where did you see that Phil?
That is sad. I used to enjoy his shows on TV. I have a couple of his books which I refer to from time to time. I guess he disappeared from public life after that scandal a few years back.
Yes, it really is sad.

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The man was an inspiration to cooking! I hope that his attitude towards food
and rustic cooking will not be marred by his past .I realy enjoyed his shows and love of food, Doug............................
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Unfortunately his character cam under attack in recent years. Say what you will, but he was an amazing cook. He is probably the one single individual that 'lit my fire.' Sad day.
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He was definitely one of my heroes. The way he respected every ingredient taught me a lot about how to treat food. Truly one of the giants of the culinary world.

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He elevated my interest in food. Little did I know that I would become a cook by trade. I cite him as an influence. Au Revoir.
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I, too, was greatly influenced by him. I had most of his books years before I thought of cooking professionally and credit him to this day with "my" potstickers. It a shame that this scandal which was never substanstiated, will be what the general public remebers him by, not his talent and knowledge. :cry:

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I am so glad you said that. He was a great inspiration to me as well. Prior to the advent of TVFN, there were those of us who scanned our 13 channels in search of that overhead shot of someone stirring a pot. During the 70's and 80's, for me, it was usually the Frugal Gourmet.

I saw him speak at The New School in NYC many years ago and I absolutely loved what he had to say.

Regarding his scandal, as far as I'm concerned, the burden of proof lies with the accuser. He was never even charged for a crime, yet the incident ruined his career.

The Frug made cooking accessible and made clear the parallels between food, spirituality and familial bonds. As he wished us peace at the end of each episode, now I hope he's finally found some.
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my dad and i used to watch his show when i was a kid.. i think it was the first cooking series i saw so its pretty nostalgic, so unfortunate..
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He did bring cuisines to TV that some of us were unfamiliar with. However, I often ground my teeth at his mispronunciations.
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