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    Hi everyone!

    I kind of broke the rules and posted threads before I introduced myself, but I very much enjoy reading post and threads on these forums. I see there are really respectful individuals here who both love to cook and enjoy talking about it.

    About myself:

    I'm 20 years old going to school to get my culinary certification at a local technical college full time and working full time as a line cook at popular chain restaurant which gets quite busy. I'm a very very soon-to-be father and I very much enjoy the cooking industry as stressful as it can be, it doesn't look as glorious as it does on television I quickly found out! My goals is to be a successful chef owning a fancy restaurant and one of my hobbies is competing in cooking competitions and serving five course meals typically of French or Italian cuisine. I love reading books on cooking techniques and purchased the famous Escoffier's Le Guide Culinaire, which when I have time juggling my schedule I'm sure I thoroughly enjoy. I'm interested in almost everything cooking which brings me to this site!
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    Welcome to Chef Talk, JC. I took the liberty of reading your other posts, since you mentioned them. You certainly have a lot on your plate. I hope you get some good advice from the veterans here, as I'm sure you will. With your high goals, you understand you'll have to work hard and put off having a lot of material things for some years. But I can tell you, it'll pay off if you stick with it. My brother did, and now he is a successful chef/restaurateur.

    This site can help you, too. There is over a decade worth of material to read here (the search tool is a big help!), and the community is helpful as well. Read, then frame your questions carefully. Your challenges have been faced by others; they may have reported here on how they overcame them, so do some digging. You never know: you may even turn up a mentor or friend who can help you, either from a distance or nearby.

    Good luck to you in your pursuits! Remember: if you put your mind to it, your dream WILL come true. 


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    Welcome JC, looks like you have a proper assessment on the food business and the life it gives. When you finish your school you should try to do a 6 month stage at a high end place like Charlie Trotters or some other high end restaurant. I think you will have some different ideas about opening up a high end place like that. It really can be a killer to family life and marriage.

    Congrats on becoming a dad!