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hey, can anyone help me with vacuum seals and my tomato sauce? mason jars are great but in the interest of space, we want to start vac packing are sauce but I ​can't seem to find a method that will allow us to store it at room temp like the jars. can anyone help or point me in the right direction? the more organic the better

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There is no safe way in a home kitchen to bag and store. The bags would have to be boiled just like in canning and I can see them exploding. I think the commercial guys irradiate to do it.
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Yeah, I don't think you want to vac seal and store at room temp. You could probably home can and store at room temp...why not do that if room temp storage is needed? 

Vac seal works great for the freezer though...dunno if that is an option. 

Those commercial room temp bagged stuff are so full of preservatives and (as stated above) are most likely irradiated to make them shelf stable. 

I highly doubt there is a simply method for vacuum sealing and long term, shelf stable storage in the home kitchen. 

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