Japanese Steel: Proper Usage/Preventing Chips?

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I wouldn't go out of my way to avoid VG-10, but -- no matter how well it's heat treated -- it's not the world beating alloy everyone thought it was a few years ago. 

Sounds like it fits in with every other type of technology. When it comes out, it's the greatest thing ever and, soon enough, things replace it or it's shown to just be "good" and not "life alteringly wonderful."

(I'm pretty sure "alteringly" isn't a word and acknowledge that. The term is used for illustrative purposes.)
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" illustrative purposes"

Lmao, and well said ;)

The whole idea of the next big thing or newest etc just begs for the newest next big thing etc

There will almost always be improvement, but for those that chase the best and newest etc it is a lifelong game and I guess entertainment in more way than one.

I do get that though and likely avoid the trap even if unconsciously lol.

Still some things just work long after they were the "Johnny come lately" (for my various bleach blonde friends that is a comment and not a question lol).

Point in this case is that though VG10 may not live up to the hype leading to it's use I have found it to be a much better steel than many others, and even if not on par with other superior steel etc it is seeming to find a place where it fits very well among lower and mid range cutlery.

And it performs well there in various different brands that offer a value that allows many new buyers to experience Japanese knives.
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4) Go easy with the steel. I dunno why Shun sells a steel that appears to be designed to ruin their knives, but they do.
This weekend at a Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, folks from Kai Shun have spilled the beans about a sharpening utensil (probably electric, definitely no rod or stone) that they will bring to the international market in Fall 2013.

It will be able to sharpen in a 15 to 20 degree angle and will cost a fortune:

229 Euros = 306 US Dollars...

I just ordered my first 5 stones and am planning a stone sharpening tutorial very soon...

Thank you ALL for a great thread !

Many greetings from Amsterdam,

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