Japanese knifes are one of my reasons for joining

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    Hi there,

    I am not a chef, but a very enthusiastic cook, I am almost a registered architect actually. I am passionate about beautifully made hand tools, and kitchen tools are pretty unique!

    I like to draw as you can imagine, and I have now decided to draw, produce and sell a range of t-shirts, t-towels and aprons with my own drawings hand-printed on them.

    I hope to talk with more knife enthusiasts and learn more here at Chef Talk.
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    Welcome to Chef Talk! We hope you'll enjoy getting into the discussions in our knife subforum (it's with the Cooking Equipment forum). There have been a lot of good discussions about knives over the years (we've been online 10+ years), so I recommend you use the search tool to read some of the earlier discussions. I think you'll be impressed with the knowledge of our members.

    I hope you also take part in the other cooking-related forums. Everyone has knowledge and experiences to share, and we hope you do just that.