Japanese knife makers affected by earthquake and tsunami

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Are any of you all familiar enough with Japan to know if any of the knife producers there were affected by these disasters?
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I don't own any Japanese knives, but the knife makers should be okay.  The quake happened off shore, so it wasn't full strength when it hit the land.  Many tech factories closed so no damage happened to them.  Sony, and Toyota had their factories shut down before the quake hit.
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The earthquake and tsunamai appear to have been of such significant magnitude that it will be a long time before we can determine what, exactly, has been affected.  At this point, however, we know that many lives and livelihoods have been devastated and recovery will be a long-term proposition.
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Many traditional japanese knife makers are in Sakai, in Osaka, so they are quite far from the affected area.

Just from a quick search, Takeda Shosui and his team is based in Okayama, which is way west and south of where the earthquake hit, so they are okay.  Their blog is actively being updated.

Masamoto is based in the heart of Tokyo, so they should be alright.

Tojiro is closer to the affected area, as they are in Niigata perfecture, but their operations seem alright as far as i can see from their website.

Ittosai is in Kyoto, so they're fine.

Aritsugu is in Tsukiji, which is in Tokyo so they're okay.

Suishin is in Sakai so they're okay.

Anyway, that's as far as I can tell.  It's all from a quick search, so I might have made mistakes, just trying to gather info quickly.
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