Japanese Fish Butchering Knives

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Kuan ,

What I would not want to do but to be right beside that fish monger and cut the same type fish with the same "size" knife.....just like one of the markets I went to in Old Italy this year.
Oh just to jump in and and practice some of the greatest arts of filleting a fish. To practice....Sashimi, an art, once he had finished the cut.

Thank you so much.....
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Cool video, thanks for posting :)

BlueFin event at Mitsuwa, One of these years I'll be able to make it to this event. I've tried the last two years but I was unable to get free each time. Hopefully I'll be able to make it next year!

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Hahaha I am thinking the same way too. But sword is for combat not for slicing a food. Well you can consider it a sword literally but since it was being used in food so it's called knives. I like the way he cut, he got a very fantastic cutting skills.
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