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I'm supposed to put together a bid for doing a boxed lunch for some sort of Japanese culture event at a private school. Must be Japanese and cover entree and two snacks. They will be providing their own drinks. Will be feeding both adults (staff and some parents) and kids. Delivery or drop off hasn't been specified.

Snack One:

Rice Balls (Onigiri) 1 ea: Assortment of three flavors- pickled plum (umeboshi), simmered/pickled seaweed (tsukidani), and I'm thinking either japanese style spinach or carrot kinpara. The rice balls will be individually wrapped and sent over on a tray.

Snack Two:

Mochi Sweets (Daifuku) 2 ea?: Not sure what flavor(s) to make. Sweet bean or sesame paste might be too weird. Fruit is probably it. Sent over on a tray.


Choice of either:

Teriyaki Chicken- Use thighs, I think


Salt Grilled Atlantic Salmon (shiozake)


steamed calrose rice

salad with Japanese salad dressing (nothing special, just the iceberg/carrot/red cabbage mix. Salad dressing is carrot/ginger/miso it's that orange stuff you get at a lot of Japanese restaurants)

quick pickle/marinated veggies (tsukemono)- most likely cucumbers with sesame seed.

miso soup: A big push to add this because it's got a great margin. The classic scallion/tofu/wakame. We could always go with other veggies.

I'm not sure how to break down the logistics. We can't make one delivery, because either the lunch will sit out too long, or the am snack will be late. I don't think we can chill the lunch because the rice will get nasty (don't think reheat at school is feasible), so we gotta assemble and send right before lunchtime,

I feel like sushi is almost expected. Maybe add a couple pieces of CA and/or cucumber roll?

Any thoughts? Anything missing?
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chopsticks for sure in addition to silverware

2 deliveries, or....one pickup in the AM, then you deliver lunch

if you are writing menus or have signage, give the lunch a neat name and use Japanese graphics for decoration....

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