January 2021 Challenge - rice!

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Halfway through January and already a batch of really great looking dishes. This could be a difficult decision come the end of the month. Keep up the good work, folks.

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Decided that Sunday would be "Greek Night" and looking through my book on Greek food I found a recipe for a chicken angel hair rice pilaf. This seemed very Moroccan to me because of the chopped almonds and golden raisins. Finely chopped chicken (I used tenderloins) marinated in a hot paprika, grated onion, ground coriander, and S&P mixture. Pasta, raisins, and almonds were sauteed until browned then combined with the other mixture with some rice and chicken stock.



I also made a potato meat pie, skordalia and tzatziki, grilled marinated chicken and beef kabobs, grilled lemon and olive oil peppers, a tomato cucumber salad, and of course we had feta, olives, and pita!

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Seeing all the wonderful dishes motivated me to plate up a bit for fun! DSC00794.JPG
These are baby rice balls with tuna mayo in them and on them for balance. Crispy Nori on the bottom, yuzu furikake on the rice. Generally at full size, they would be called "Tuna Mayo Onigiri", but most of the time I just spoon the sushi rice into a bowl with the nori and tuna mayo separate like a quick piece meal. I just wanted to plate it up this time for fun~

Tuna Mayo mixture is:
5 oz minced tuna
1 tsp (7g) soy sauce
1/2 tsp (2g) dashi powder
3 heaping tbsp (55g) kewpie mayo
1 tsp (8g) ketchup

Very excited to be part of this community. Look forward to seeing the other submissions. I don't want to participate in the challenge, but wanted to share my favorite rice dish that I make almost every week!
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Soup is this month, right?

Thai Chicken and Red Rice Soup


Stock, coconut milk, Thai curry paste, lemon grass, diced tomato, ginger, green onion, and a pepper. Plus a couple bone-in chicken thighs. Simmer until the chicken is done, then remove and cool.


Shred the chicken and add it back along with cooked red rice, then heat it all up. Add a lot of chopped spinach, some cilantro, lime juice and a little fish sauce. Cook a few minutes more until the spinach is soft.


Garnished with more cilantro, peanuts, and some lime juice.
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My wife's birthday was yesterday. We had the kids over tonight because mine's on Sunday. I bought two pounds of dry bay scallops yesterday and they are huge. I weighed out a pound and thawed a pound of shrimp. I started by searing the scallops in cast iron then draining on paper. Next I sweated my sofrito in evoo then added white wine, big 'ole sprig of thyme, smoked paprika and a big spoonful of turmeric then my rice to coat then chicken stock. When that was done I added my seared scallops, shrimp and frozen peas and put in the oven @ 250F. When it was time to dine I topped with fresh chopped parsley and believe me they all dug in and I have maybe two cups leftover.


Someone asked me what Diane got for her birthday - I said "a pulled pork sandwich and a new president" . . . They asked me for mine Sunday and I said "a Hockey game between the Redwings and the Blackhawks". They looked at me funny and I said I went to many Redwings games when growing up in Detroit and my great, great uncle Johnny played for the Chicago Blackhawks his entire NHL career. So I'm going to enjoy this for sure!!! Guess I better stock up on beer for this one - LOL.
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Free style rice noodle stir fry (very very loosely based on phat thai)
I started off with dry roasting peanuts. Normally a weak point for me as I quite often stop at this stage and just finish the peanuts ;) 01 roasting peanuts.jpg

Grabbed some rice noodles and soaked them in warm water to make them pliable:
02 rice noodles.jpg

The other ingredients:
onion, garlic, yellow pepper, tomato, fish sauce and a homemade green sambal.
And bacon, but is not on the picture
03 ingredients.jpg

Started with frying garlic, onion and bacon
04 frying garlic onions bacon.jpg

Cracked an egg in it
05 remaining ingredients added plus an egg.jpg

And stirred it all together and topped with the peanuts.
I had no cilantro or culantro, so had to do without (tasted pretty good, but looks a bit boring)
07 nuts tossed on top and served.jpg
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We are staying freestyle :)

I made something resembling a butternut curry.
Fresh butternut from the garden, onion, garlic, bacon, ginger, galangal (own garden), kaffir lime leaves (own garden), coconut milk, fish sauce and lime juice.

And chili's (own garden).
Little mistake here as I picked them, then blackened them in a wok and pounded to a paste in a pestle and mortar with some salt. Then spread the mixture out thinly in the hope it would dry and use it as powder or flakes. But the rainy season kicked in with a vengeance and as I didn't want to throw the mixture, I threw it all in with the butternut.
Tasty, but definite overkill....

But now for the rice:
I had some left over Jasmine rice that I had cooked with some green sambal (home made again)
SO.... I made rice soup.
Just added some of the still very liquid butternut curry and some more water to the rice and kept boiling till the rice was real soft. It was still too hot!
Found some left over of homemade cream cheese (from drained lacto mabisi) and added it to the soup.
It did make it real creamy, still hot, but that had something to do with the chili I had added to the cream cheese (also garlic and basil)
In the end, a real tasty meal. Real comfort food actually and I've always had something against rice in soup.....
You live and you learn and that's why I like those challenges!

Butternut curry on the go
01 garlic-onion-bacon-ginger-galangal-chili-lime-coconut milk.jpg

Left over green sambal rice. The little bit of green in the centre is the first yardlong bean from my garden
02 left over green sambal rice plus kouseband.jpg

Comfort food
05 as 04.jpg


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Some rice ideas I've never seen before. It has English subtitles and her translations are sometimes humorously bad.

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Rice and Spinach Tart

I started with a few ounces of lardon and a leek, followed by garlic when the leek was softened.


Then a pound of roughly chopped spinach.


When that was cooked down I added rice and cooked with ladles of beef broth as you would a risotto. (I forgot to take photos.) Then I added three eggs, parmesan cheese, and nutmeg and poured it all into a buttered tart dish heavily lined with bread crumbs. I topped it with a bread crumb and parmesan cheese mix, doted with butter and baked for 30 minutes at 400.


No points for pretty as I am notoriously bad a spreading things like bread crumbs evenly and I think the butter made the splotches. But just the two of us made short work of it.



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Ever since I joined ChefTalk back in 2013, I have enjoyed the monthly challenge and seeing how creative people could be since I always drew a blank. Month-after-month I would tell myself "Next time." With all of the craziness in the world, I have been more committed to participating in a monthly challenge. And . . . here is my maiden effort.

I continued to draw a blank for rice until I decided to add another requirement to give myself some focus . . . I had to source ingredients from what I had on hand because I was inspired by the 'pantry' challenge last year. (See . . . I really do pay attention!)

It's simple . . . but, it really hit the spot on a cold winter night. It would be easy to cut the recipe in half, but I like big batches of soup so I can enjoy it more than once.

Pantry-sourced Wild Rice and Ham Soup

2 cups wild rice
6 cups water
1/2 cup (one stick) butter
½ cup chopped onion
½ cup flour
6 cups chicken broth
2 cups cubed ham
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
1 cup diced carrots
1 cup heavy cream
1 cup whole milk
Salt & pepper

Step 1 – Heat the water to boiling. Add the wild rice. Reduce the heat and simmer for 45 minutes.

Step 2 – While the wild rice is cooking, in another pan melt the butter and sauté the onion until tender and nearly translucent. Add the flour and using a whisk blend until smooth. Add the chicken broth. Bring the butter, onion, flour, and chicken broth mixture to a boil.

Step 3 - Add the cooked wild rice, cubed ham, and diced carrots to the butter, onion, flour, and chicken broth mixture. Bring the contents to a simmer until the carrots begin to get tender. Add the heavy cream and milk and blend thoroughly. Bring the contents to a near-simmer to avoid scalding the cream and milk.

Step 4 - Remove from the heat, ladle into bowls, and eat!

#1 - wild rice & broth.jpg #2 - Ham.jpg #3 - Carrotts.jpg #4 - Milk & Cream.jpg #5 - Soup.jpg
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Oh wow, loomchick loomchick

It is a cold, gray day here in Salt Lake, a bowl of that soup would be perfect.

Thanks! I feel like I found a seat at the grown-ups table . . . I'm at the end of the table . . . but, I feel pretty good about be a part of a monthly challenge. Now, I'm looking forward to February!
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Decided to do a Vietnamese rice noodle salad. This has a dressing of sweet chili, rice vinegar, and fish sauce. I absent mindedly left the cilantro I bought sitting on the counter. I'm surprised I didn't notice it missing. The veges were cucumber, carrots, shredded nappa cabbage, and some scallions. Shrimp were sauteed in sriracha and soy sauce.

You can show off your knife skills or if you are really hungry use the mandolin like I did!

Rice vermicelli boiled briefly then rinsed in cool water

Finished dish. I also forgot lime at the grocery store and they didn't have any basil. Thai basil is usually used. So the dish looks a little bare!
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