January 2017 Cooking Challenge

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Do you guys know wood ear mushroom?  It looks like this

It is pretty much THE mushroom to add to ground pork mixtures for vietnamese cooking (chinese too).   I chopped it up and added it to spring rolls.  Also pork, shallot, scallion, garlic, glass noodles, fish sauce, sesame oil.  It looks small in the picture but that's like a 7 lb ball of meat there. We fried over a hundred spring rolls

Wow!  I would love to eat some of those.  And thanks for the info on the wood ear mushroom.  Did not know that, and I will seek them out for future dishes,  Thanks
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@pdcooks  congrats !!

Hosting a Challenge here at CT is exciting to say the least, but made more so as you are new to the fold, GO FOR BROKE!

I love mushrooms, and growing up in Hawaii, we would go hunting for Pepeiao or Wood Ears, MMM!


We don't have many `shrooms in the Islands, but these are one of them, and VERY Ono (delicious in Hawaiian)

in so many cultures culinary concoctions.
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Mushroom, Sausage and Cheese Terrine

     This is an attempt at three challenges at once, since I missed the last two. So these are mostly leftovers but local market had a special on mushrooms. 

I always have dairy and eggs so it's a custard. I really enjoy making pates and terrines but never get to use my pans. 


Acorn squash, eggs, sour cream, goat cheese, Asiago cheese, sweet italian sausage, garlic, chicken/veal stock, shallots, mushrooms. I actually used six eggs and no half and half but took the picture first. 

Ready for the oven. 

After cooling overnight. 

While the flavor came out great, you can see it did not hold up well to slicing. Consistency was more scrambled egg than terrine. So I probably over cooked it a bit and probably should have layered it to give more room for structure. But it was great fun to make. 

Back to the store for attempt number 2. 
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I managed to buy mushrooms and needed to do something with them.
I had forgotten that I gave my manager some time off, so I havent had that much time to cook.

I fried up most of the mushrooms (button and oyster) in ghee. I used ghee, just because I had it and I didn't have butter.
The oyster mushrooms contained a lot of water, so it took a while.
I seasoned lightly with black pepper and salt, portioned them, and put some in the fridge, some in the freezer.
You will see them come past at one point in time /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif

I left some button mushroom and decided to have mushroom ragout on toast, with a slight SE Asian slant to make it more interesting:
The ingredients:

Garlic, onion, mushrooms, bacon, chives, chili

Fried the lot in the wok that I used for the other shrooms (I didn't feel like cleaning more pots), added some fish sauce, flour and milk.

and served on half a panini

It tasted good, although my home grown chili was a bit more potent than I expected.

Note: I am not sure if ragout is the right word for what I made.

It is correct in Dutch, but not too sure in English (maybe roux would be the right name)?

Anyway, It was tasty by whatever name !!!
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I've been meaning to get to the winter farmers market to get my mushrooms from the mushroom guy.  He has lions mane mushrooms on the regular. They kind of taste like lobster which is awesome.

Last couple weekends I was hit by snowstorms or I would have done it already.

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Lol, íll be getting my hands on more shrooms by the end of this week i hope. 

Farmer´s market here i come!!
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Not too many exotic types of mushrooms here (at least, not ones that I know are edible)...

I marinated some mushrooms in olive oil, lime juice and some fish sauce and put them on the grill:

I had never done it before, but it worked well.

Note to self: use a thinner skewer next time as this one damaged the hoods

And, for me, mushrooms go very well with steak.....

And on a wrap (a store bought chapati and not a very good picture)

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Hello Everyone, I had been asked to share my mushroom soup recipe here. So here it is! I cook by feel and almost never follow recipe's so most of the amounts are loosely based on my memory. Feel free to use the amounts you feel are appropriate for you.

I start with an eight ounce package of no salt added chicken broth, Mince three (or so) garlic cloves. Mince a whole medium shallot. Add around a quarter teaspoon each of Thyme, Rosemary, and Rubbed Sage. Then finely sliced mushrooms, caps and stems. I've used Shitake, baby bella, Chanterelle's to name a few. I also add about a half a teaspoon or more of Porcini powder (you can grind up dried porcini's for this or buy it).

I cook this down till most of the stock is reduced away. I then add about a cup and a half of heavy cream, a teaspoon of Veal Demi-Glace from Williams Sonoma (the Demi-Glas is key). Then add as many largely chopped mushrooms as you'd like. Add a good quality medium Sherry to taste. Cook down to thicken to a consistency you like. I usually finish it with a splash of the sherry. Then garnish with a good quality thick sliced bacon pieces and chopped scallions. And that's it!  I've added seared scallops and or shrimp at times for a change.

If anyone tries to make this let me know what you think...

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Million Knives, I'm in the Boston area a lot. Where is this Winter Farmers Market? I'd like to get access to more interesting mushrooms.


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