Jammy wines

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I just finished off a btl of Leaping Lizard Zin....-being the berry girl that I am I loved it! do you have any jammy wines for me to try?
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I seem to remember Rabbit Ridge's zin being particularly "jammy" and very affordable. Actually the silly rule of thumb I've discovered for the $5-10 bottles of zin is that anything with an animal in the brand name or on the label is pretty potable stuff (Toad Hollow, Ravenswood, Toasted Head, Rabbit, etc.) I'm sure Robert Parker's eyes would roll back into his head, but seem to work for me.
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Spikezoe: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Sounds like as good a theory as any!

I agree on Ravenswood and Rabbit Ridge. Very yummy, especially at that price. In a slightly higher price range -- around $16 or so -- there's Seghesio, from California.
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Jammy is great, Balance is better :)

Look for some Rhones made by carbonic maceration like Beaujolias.

99 cabernet frances from california have a nice jam/spice balance.

Try some Brouilly or Fleurie and the 99 Dry Creek Zin and Rancho Zabaco have good jam.
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