Jalapeno Potato Tots

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    Here is a new recipe to try & maybe improve on, because I am having problems getting the potato tot to stick to the pepper!! I tried to get help here, but I guess no one had the answer.

    6 Jalapeno peppers, seeds removed.

    8 cheese sticks

    8 fried strips of bacon

    1 bag tator tots

    4 beaten eggs

    1 cup flour

    I first cleaned the peppers out. The odor takes your breath, made me cough, so I think a mask is in order and plastic gloves, Warning, do not rub face with hands or get in eyes.


    Wash out peppers and dry thoroughly.


    Mash a bag of unfrozen tator tots. I laid down saran wrap so I could easily pick up the tot material & stick it in  bowl.



    Fry 8 strips of bacon, pat out grease. Cut 4 cheese sticks in half.


    Stuff each pepper with bacon bits & a 1/2 cheese stick. Roll in flour. I used a paper plate and put a handful of tot mixture on it at a time, poured on some egg mixture (go lightly) and mix in by hand so it gets kind of sticky. Putting some in my hand, I put a pepper in my palm, and formed the tot mixture around the pepper. It doesn't want to stick! But I managed to lay them on a non-stick foiled baking pan.


    I cooked the pepper tots at 400 for 30 minutes. This firmed up the tot mixture, melted the cheese inside & took some of the fire out of the pepper. I could have used more tots & was only able to prepare 6 of the 8 I prepared.


    All in all, they have a good taste, are crunchy like I was hoping for. I think some sort of salsa over the top would be good.
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