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Did anyone get the chance to see Jacques's new TV show: Fast Food My Way ? It was on here in L.A. last night at 5 p.m. (a really weird time--we taped it).
First let me say that I love that man, I really love that man! :roll: ! I've learned so much from him over the years.
As with his other shows, Pepin is pretty much all business and no flash. And it's such a relief! He doesn't kvell over his own saute skills or have an orgasm over the taste of his own food. He does taste things, but responds in a completely natural way. If something tastes good, he says so without getting weak at the knees.
What I did notice, and have been curious about, is that once again we get to witness his undying love-affair with (good quality) apricot jam.

Here's the show's web link: http://www.kqed.org/w/jpfastfood/home.html
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Phoebe thanks for the tip. I look forward to seeing it. I really enjoy his shows for all the reasons you say. He is a chef on tv, not a tv chef if you get my drift :) I didn't even mind it when he had his daughter on as some people seemed to. I also really enjoyed and miss Pierre Franey. He had a similar style I think.


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I learn from Pepin, but not in a constructive way. No recipe of his I've tried has ever succeeded. My best example was a gratin dauphinois. It was awful. It can be a good dish, but I just can't get good results with his methods. He can.

He does something I can't get from watching him. Guess there's some sort of communication block between us.


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