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Looks like I'll be heading out there in August with my spouse and 1-year-old. I'm hoping that I can get some insider info. on fun foodie places. Peachcreek? Anyone?
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Jackson Hole being a decent-sized resort town has a bunch of good places to eat. For breakfast we usually go to Bettys' cafe for the coffee and roll or go to either the Sportsman Cafe (old time authentic Wyoming where everybody smokes) but the food is good or another place called Jedediahs' Sourdough House but get there early or risk the 1 hour wait.
For dinner I would send you out to Jenny Lake Lodge up in Teton Park. You will need to make reservations now if you want to go. The food is very good but the view of the Tetons will make the meal. If you can get a babysitter you might want to check out the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar just to say you have been there.
Check out the tram to the top of Rendezvous Mountain if you want to get a good view.
Also I hope that you have time to go tour Yellowstone and Teton National Parks. It is the peak tourist season and all, so expect a few crowds. It is still worth the drive to see the thermal features and wildlife. We go there several times a year and always see deer, elk, buffalo, moose, wolves and occasionally see black bears and grizzly bears. Bring a sack lunch. The food in and near the park at West Yellowstone and Gardiner is poor at best.
Enjoy your trip out west!
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Yay! Thanks, Peach. That was very helpful. We plan to hire a sitter for part of the trip, and we'll be checking out some of your recommendations. I appreciate the advice. We will be taking a few treks in the mountains, and hope to see lots of wildlife. My husband is also looking forward to fly fishing. I'll give it a try, though fishing does make me squeemish. I'm looking most forward to whitewater rafting. We'll also take the baby to the Ripley's museum, and maybe riding on a gentle horse. Can't wait!!!
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Momoreg: Make sure to post after your trip. We're headed there on a 2 week road trip early Sept...hiking the Grand Tetons and around Yellowstone. I've never been so I'm really looking forward to the trip. We have planned two nights at the Jenny Lake Lodge...the view sounds wonderful.

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Will do, Deb. Long time no see, by the way. We're staying at Spring Creek Ranch. I'm very excited about it!!


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Haven't been there in ages, but I liked the Mangy Moose last time I was there.

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Not to be pedantic or anything but...
Early beaver trappers called any high sided canyon a "hole". Jackson was one of the first white men to winter in that region and so the area was called Jackson's Hole (later shortened to Jackson Hole.) The town of Jackson is just Jackson, WY

I just came back from there and it was fantstic. The Tetons are just spectacular. I could have spent days sitting by Jackson lake just staring at them.

We went into Jackson one afternoon and had lunch there. I think the place was called the Bunny Cafe or something like that. It was OK. Otherwise, Peach is correct, mostly the food in and around the 2 parks is not that memorable. (Yellowstone Lake Inn was pretty good though.)

'course, we didn't go for the food especially. We saw lots of buffalo, elk and even a grizzly bear one morning. The thermals were awsome. It was my first trip there but cetrainly not my last.
In the middle of June the traffic wasn't bad either. We could go a long way only seeing a few other cars.

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Now that we're settled back into real life, I'll tell you about our food experiences.

Peach, we tried 4 times to get into Jedediahs, and they only serve lunch, we came to discover, and only until 2pm! So we never did manage to eat there.

Oh well. We did have drinks at the cowboy bar, and had some laughs with the bartender. It's hard not to laugh when you're straddling a saddle instead of a barstool. Cute.

We had dinner twice at Cadillac. It looked rather kitschy from the outside, with the neon and pink, but the food was tasty, and the menu innovative. Our first meal there was sort of a last minute decision, because we couldn't get into the Snake River Grill. They don't take reservations. It looked like a lovely place, but they were too busy. In the end, we were happy with Cadillac.

We also ordered takeout from Bubba's. On a scale of 1-10, we'd give it a 3. The chicken could have doubled as sawdust, and the corn on the cob was previously frozen. Yuk. But the slaw was decent, and my husband liked the ribs.

Same poor luck with the takeout at Rendezvous, but at a much higher price. They didn't have my first, second, or third choice of entree, so I asked for pasta with tomato sauce. It may be the worst pasta I've ever eaten.

Let's see, in Teton Village, we had a quick lunch at the Rocky Mountain Oyster. It was simple, but good. The pizza was surprisingly similar to a NY slice.

The Chili Pepper Cafe was fine. I wouldn't rush back there, but it's a good casual restaurant to bring a toddler to.

I loved our accomodations: We stayed at the Spring Creek Ranch. Our cabin was situated high on a mountain, with scenic views all around. It is a spa resort, with horse riding, tennis, and a gym. they also have an award-winning restaurant, called the Granary, which was lovely. I highly recommend this resort.

Thanks for all your input. We enjoyed our stay at Jackson so much.

Incidentally, we took the Idaho/Montana route into Yellowstone. Peachcreek-- You are so close. I would have liked to get together in Pocatello for some spuds!:lips: :)
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I'm new here but I wanted to respond to your thread. If you get out that way again, there's an excellent restaurant at Chico Hot Springs Resort. It's a little north of Yellowstone, going out the North entrance, about 30 miles. They've recently put out a cookbook, too. We always go there when we get a chance.

Here's the link to the website:

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We met a guy out there who was from Chico. Sounds like a wonderful place. I'm going to check out the website. Welcome to ChefTalk, terrasanct.:)

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