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I'm considering to purchase a Jackson AJ-66 Vision Series dishwasher. We are a medium to high volume club. If anyone who has any expirience negetive or positive, please respond with your opinion. Thankyou in advance for your input.
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The way to go on any commercial machine is with a lease-to-own that covers the machine, chemicals and maintenance. Shop for the best deal and service and go from there. Almost any good machine will run millions of loads if properly maintained. Just mho.


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Never worked with Jacksons. Every "new" machine I've worked with has busted within two years. But if you buy the machine you can still get your Ecolab guy to do the maintainence if you lease their system.

These pass through conveyer machines have tons of parts. I mean TONS! Millions of little Delrin washers, seals, all kinds of jet nozzle attachments, they get everywhere! Not to mention they can take a half hour to fill.

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