Izbnso how did the baking go ?

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If you're talking about the chocolates and the event that went with them...
Everything was well received. It was for an all day marathon meeting type thing. The participants were on their own for actual lunch, so it was just scones (oat meal raisin and chocolate chip), Danish (I did cream cheese and blueberry with homemade blueberry jam) and cinnamon rolls. Which I dropped off early and returned at the end of the day to retrieve trays and linens.

The thing about where I am is that there aren’t a great deal of places to get fresh breakfast type pastries, Panera Bread is the only place that makes them fresh and I suspect that they use the same dough for every sweet pastry they have and it still tastes flat to me. So people are always excited over actual fresh yeast risen pastry. More often than not they only get stuff like that from Starbucks and I’ve been there when they ran short of something and called for another “box” to be opened.

I’ve always harbored a dream of having my own retail bakery (the chi-chi boutique style where you can get a snazzy cup of coffee while you peruse the delectable treats, what a rich fantasy life I have); catering was just a way for me to bake all I wanted until I could afford prime storefront (which seems to be further and further off). But every time I have to rise at an obscene hour to get fresh yeast risen pastries to a breakfast ta-do I always wonder if I’m not a bit bumped in the head to even consider it.

The chocolates were reserved for the end of the day, they turned out great. For the milk chocolate I went with the cardamom (trying to maintain the herbal/spice theme). And I really wish that they had let me pack them in individual boxes (like favor boxes) because everyone was ready to leave the building, but no one wanted to leave without chocolate so there was a great deal of balancing chocolates on portfolios as they made a mad dash for the parking lot.

And yup the thread where I asked about food photography was because I couldn’t manage to get a good shot of anything. In fact, the shots I took were down right unappetizing.

However, in between dropping off the pastries and returning to put out the chocolates, I had to go and register the teenager for her freshman year of high school. Since the teenager is my primary baby sitter we had to take all of the kids. I usually get sympathetic looks when I have to go out in public with all five of them and the school receptionist thought I looked so haggard from the kids alone. I explained that I had been up since pre-dawn for a gig, and her eyes lit up. I’ve never met a school employee who didn’t like free tasty food.
My children are all pretty much spawn of the devil (They aren’t bad, they are just like nothing you have ever seen before. If you want to know what it is like to raise my oldest, watch Confessions of a Teenaged Drama Queen. It’s like they were spying on me.) and I find it down right necessary to bribe as many school officials as possible. So sometime this week I am going to repeat some of the menu for school faculty bribes and hopefully I will be able to get some decent photos as well. I’ll post them if I manage a good shot or two.
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dont worry about the teenager in a couple or so years she will turn in to something nice im sure
they all sound yummy what you have been making,
have you tried the louise cake yet and if so how did that go

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