I've Built A New Website....

Joined Jun 13, 2002

I've built a new website called www.RestaurantEdge.com

I'm inviting everyone to swing by and take a look. I've still got about 6 weeks left to go, and you'll notice this at the home page.

However, I'm looking for feedback, suggestions, and other viable information that has to do with the restaurant/foodservice industry.

You can contact me through the site!

I'm looking forward to hearing some great responses...

Thank you,

Charlevoix, MI
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Welcome to Chef Talk, Eric. That looks like a huge endeavor! What is your background in the industry?
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Hi, Eric! I'm curious, why are you doing this? I mean, to a website layperson like me, it seems like the computer equivalent of opening a restaurant. And, boy, is THAT a lot of work and headaches (and gratification if it flies)!

In any case, I hope in the meantime you make yourself at home here. :)
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Eric, welcome.

I think your "Food Costing" will be appreciated. That topic comes up on this forum quite regularly...

Good luck with your project! :)
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Suzanne, you asked why I am doing this. Well, it's simple really, there's a need for it. Though I've still got about 6-8 weeks to go, I think it will be the most comprehensive site on the net!

My background. I've been in the industry for 23 years, and have worked all facets of the restaurant business at some point of time or another. I spent the majority of my time in the midwest, but have consulted all over the country.

I have an A.A. degree in Culinary Arts from Ivy Tech State College, and a B.A. in History from Indiana University. I've combined these premises and created RestaurantEdge as a viable tool for the industry.

I believe that if people were well informed about the decisions they make, and had the necessary resources at hand to be more productive and more successful, then we'd all see less failures.

Kimmie, I'll be adding to the food costing page soon... So stay tuned. I've got more to add there...

And Mezzaluna - Thank you for welcoming me here. I'll be coming back and enjoying some great conversations here.

This page is bookmarked!
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I am impressed with the scope of your effort. My only thought is that there may not be enough hours in the day to keep all of your data current. I understand that your site is a work in progress, but I noticed that The Institute of Culinary Education (I.C.E.) is still listed as Pete Kump's. THe name changed more than 9 months ago. I bring this up not to pick nits, but as an example of how difficult it will be to keep up in ths quickly changing world. I wish you success :)
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For those that may not have been by www.RestaurantEdge.com lately, please stop by. I've made some cool upgrades to the site.

It's coming along well....

And by the way, I would like to thank this forum for all the wonderful responses I've had from here! What a great group of people you are!


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