It's time to try a pate a choux!

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My kitchen is finally finished. Yay! We have had no kitchen since Christmas. Don't ask.

We chose a "normal" (i.e., non pro) Bosch dual fuel convection oven and I want to attempt a choux pastry for the first time, ever.

After searching choux, I want to thank all of you for so many tips in making these things! I learned about using all milk vs. mixing milk with water, starting with the oven at 450, using a No. 5 tip to pipe, how to judge how many eggs to use, to bake one size at a time, to make sure they are golden brown and not pale, etc. I found lots of recipes from Le Cordon Bleu to Pichet Ong, to Benenbaum, to Alton Brown, etc.

Everybody has a different favorite recipe. My head is spinning!

So, before I subject my poor oven to all this, I am left with 3 questions:

1. @chefpeon, is this 2005 recipe (posted here) still your favorite?

2. Is it really important to bake only one tray at a time?

3. should the oven be in normal or convection mode?
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Hi drirene!

You have chosen very well! One of my favorite and most versatile products! Not many products can shine in both sweet and savory dishes, and choux paste is one of them. Since you can vary the size and shape it should become a fave of yours too! I still keep piped Gougere, in a freezer bag, for any unexpected guests!

For #2 - I have never had any luck with even coloring/browning with multiple trays in any oven I worked with. (Except a rotary oven...)

For #3 - Had good results with both settings.

Have fun!
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My experiences with convection never gave me the same results as conventional
I agree with statement about multiple trays.
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Thank you! All the components for profiteroles are now in the refrigerator or freezer, awaiting assembly tomorrow. They will be filled with vanilla pastry cream that has just a little whipped cream in it to lighten it, and will have chocolate espresso sauce on top.

But, I have questions about safety and timing.

Can assembled profiteroles live outside a refrigerator for 2 to 3 hours?
Will they soften too much in that time?
Will they soften even more in the fridge?
If I want them at their best, should I part of the party and show up with them when it's time for dessert?

Lol! Maybe I should have made pound cake!
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