"Its' the most wonderful time for the beer"

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Both are avalible and very popular in the states.

I could never develope a liking to Guiness however, to thick and highly hopped for my taste.

A couple stand outs i've had recently where a belian strong ale called Rochefort trappist which had a meduim hop flavor and rich amber color with hints of thyme and lemon.

Also had a westuleteran (sp?) ale also from belgian (these are my favorites) that was also excellent.

Last night I had my first barleywine of the season "Three floyd bohemoth"
This wine was intense,huge body and hot (hi alcohol) it was sweet but the hops made everything balance. Nice citrus notes and a welcoming bouget. This beer I simply enjoyed in front of the fire with some cheese and french bread "perfect"

PS peachcreek,

I just called a friend of mine who owns a nice wine shop and he told me Full sail stuff isn't avalible here in New England.
When I come out to Utah (January now) i'll check it out.


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I love the beers of fall! Though I like beer anytime :beer: :beer: I really enjoy the dark malty beers and Fall and Winter are the times to enjoy them. For Stouts I like Mackeson's (sp?), Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout, and of course Guinness. CC there is a great drink made with Guinness that will make you a convert, an Irish Car Bomb. Its a shotglass filled with Baliey's and a floater of Jameson's. Drop it into a pint half full of Guinness and slam it. It is great!! Rich, kind of chocolatey, and creamy. Besides the stouts, I like many Porters, many of the darker German beers, and, one of my favorites Old Peculiar.
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Dear Pete,

You know how much respect I have for you as a person and a culinarian "BUT" any beer I have to mix with bailys and whiskey to choke down I assume just go without :)

Old peculiar on the other hand, now that's a good brew.
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I had an Abbey last night with pork and cornbread stuffing....
Frambozen is out, and pretty darn good. There are too many Irish chefs around here for me not to appreciate a Guinness with them. I don't like the spicy mixes for the holidays....clove/ginger/cinnamon YUCK>
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I have had the awesome duty of field testing Holiday beers and am glad to report there are many. I have narrowed my favorites down to three great beers.
Jubelale by Deschutes Brewery. Very tasty. the finish isn't as clean as I like but still a very good beer.
Wassail by Full Sail Brewery. Tastier. These guys have the hop-malt balance down with a nice lemony dry-hopped finish. Definately the finest foam and a lingering head.
Celebration Ale by Sierra Nevada Brewery. Finesse in a bottle. By far the best of the best. Rich, malty with a surprising mahogany color. A beautiful fine creamy head. The right balance of hops and malt. A floral lingering finish. Worth asking for...

On a side note. just tried bottled Chinook Copper Ale by Red Hook Brewery. Tasted like a Kreusened Red Hook ESB and also quite tasty. The residual yeast makes a big difference in rounding out the flavor.
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Had several Warsteiners recently, purchased more because they sponsor F1 than because I've heard much of them. Interesting, but at first I swear it tasted smoky. As in cigarette, not hickory.

SWMBO loves dark beer, and we've got some Guiness draft they sell now that I had never seen before. Comes in a tall, heavy can that feels not full and like something is rolling around in it. Open it, pour into a glass and it has some little magical draft ball dilly in it that mixes with the beer when opened and gives it the taste, feel and head of a pulled beer. Really cool, and neat to boot!:)
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Several beers from England have the CO2 dealy in the bottom of them: Fullers' ESB in a can comes to mind.
As I type I am drinking a Summit Winter Ale from Summit Brewery in St. Paul, Mn. Not bad, but lacks the richness I look for in a Winter beer. The hops are good, a little more on the bitter than the aromatic side and definately give it a chocolaty finish. Overall, not bad, but not worth searching out.....

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