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Hi guys

My name is Alexander, and I currently live in Iraklion, Greece (island of Crete), although I've lived all over the mediterranean(France, Spain)and in China. I'm planning to spend the next 12 months or so working and gathering info about cooking schools worldwide, of which now several seem attractive: The ICIF in Italy and the Kaohsiung Hospitality College in Taiwan. My other hobbies are swimming, painting... That's probably it for now.

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Welcome aboard! Be sure to check out the Culinary Students forum for some insight on some culinary programs. What aspect of cooking are you most interested?
Joined Mar 24, 2003
Well, it's hard to pick just one aspect, you know. I'm really interested in designing the look of the food, in pastry... Basically, everything about cooking interests me. I really love cooking fish and sea-food, oysters, shrimps... But not limited to that only.
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Hi Caribean! I'm glad you found us. We'll be interested to hear how your adventure is coming along.

Please feel free to enjoy all of the forums. If you would like to find topics of particular interest, use the search function to locate the conversations you seek.

Welcome to Chef Talk!


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