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Discussion in 'Professional Chefs' started by coastalwanderer, Oct 11, 2012.

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    Ok so ...Ive had a job offer to work downtown on the square at one of the best places in the area. Its a line cooks job with less pay but more to learn would it look bad on my rrdume to gave moved backwards?
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    Heya Wanderer, welcome back!

    To me, what does and doesnt look good on a resume can depend on

    what youre planning to DO with that resume in the future.

    I also dont think that a change in title automatically means a step backwards.

    Its the work youve done that counts. And also your reasons for the change--

    in this case youd be moving to a more known/reputable place with opportunity to 

    learn, so obviously you want to better youself.

    Problem i see is more about the pay--once you step that down it can be hard to get it back somewhere else. But not necessarily, depends on position etc.

    Personally you seem to be one who strives to better youself...I would keep my eye on that ball for now.

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    if you can learn at the new place it will probably be better for your career  as long as you're alright with the pay cut. you were talking about school before so obviously learning is important to've already picked up management skills at your current job so that will help you advance. if you take the new job and keep moving up then it won't matter if you started as a line cook but if you leave in six months time it will look bad.