It's Easter

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so Happy Easter.

We are having Corned Beef and cabbage ( we didn't do it for St. Patty's) and potato salad and some asparagus, got sauerkraut,  spicy mustard, deli mustard, 2 different rye breads (hell yeah, sandwiches) horseradish. can't wait till this afternoon when that 10lbs of brisket is done..excuse me..... drooling a bit.
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Sounds yummie /img/vbsmilies/smilies/licklips.gif

We decided to open late today and had the famb in for easter brunch.  Fired up the grill for the bacon and sausage, and did some mini omlette (quiche?.. nah) in muffin tins.  It was neat; the omlette ingredients sort of floated at different heights through the egg, making for pretty, and unexpected, presentation.   We pilfered from the store a few of the fresh-baked mini loaves of cinnamon swirl and orange-cranberry swirl breads for toast.  My aunt brought her near-famous sticky buns.  My sister made some fruit turnovers that were folded in such a way as to look like diapers lol  A nice big bowl of fresh fruit salad topped it off, and all was well.
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