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Hello there!
I registered on this forum weeks ago and I haven't even spent much time lurking let alone posting an introduction. Job searching has a way of sucking up time!

I'm basically an avid baker (hobbyist,not pro). I began somewhere in childhood and haven't seen reason to give it up. I love sweets (especially cake) and my family and friends have been an appreciative audience (read: guinea pigs) for about 20 years now.

When I worked part time, I often spent my day off creating some new dessert but alas, real life has since taken over, leaving me little time for sweet experiments. I have now decided to get more into writing and recipe development. I paid for that English Lit. degree and by golly it's going to work for me!

So that's me in a nutshell.... More later, I'm sure. ;)
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Welcome aboard. There are several budding writers on Chef Talk, so there should be plenty for you to discuss. Glad you found us!
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We're glad you found us! The people here are happy to have food-lovers on board, whether pro or amateur (like both of us!). Please make yourself at home, havemycake!



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Indeed it does. I often go to Pointe Claire, I love the fabric shop on Lakeshore and I won't even start with the cookware shops in the area.
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I guess you two can experiment on each other now! Nice to meet you, Havemycake. I look forward to chatting with you in the pastry forums.
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Yup, guinea pigs! My brother in law would be quite sad to lose first dibs on my experiments.:cry:

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