Italian Style Cuisine For a Newly Diagnosed Diabetic

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Chef Batali -

First, let me tell you that you were an inspiration to me when I went to culinary school, and ultimately apprenticed back in the late '90s. I absolutely loved watching Molto Mario, and how you cooked and taught your guests on the show.

I have embraced the philosophy of Italian cuisine, eating locally, simply, letting the ingredients speak for themselves.

Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with Diabetes 2 months back. As a result of that diagnosis, I have had to drastically cut all grain based carbohydrates from my diet. That means breads, pastas, and risottos are very limited.

The good news is that the little amount that I am allowed to have, I make it so it is off the hook. My question for you is, given the restriction, what would you prepare someone who was not allowed to have pasta/risotto/bread or any other sugary item and still have the Italian philosophy?

Finally, if you ever are in Montreal, look up Opus hotel, and I will see my brigade treat you like the culinary god you are!
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Jason, you can still eat great, no matter what your dietary restriction. I recommend you check out my new book,Molto Gusto, for great, simple recipes with vegetables. Meats are also a great option, and you can prepare and serve meat with vegetables instead of grain.

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