italian side vegetables dishes.

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    hello community,

    im a new guy in the forum, i was googleing for some ideas and spoted the site.

    i present myself quickly, im from argentina, im 26 years old, i ve been travelling for a while since i finished culinary school. i lived for a year and a half in new zealand, working in diferent restaurants, i lived in colombia for one year or so working in a hotel part of a big international branch, then i was transferred to curacao, netherland antilles to a resort of the same company. now im a line cook working in the main restaurant, italian orientated.

    we are designing a new menu for the dinner service, keeping the best selling dishes and changing the ones that are not profitable for some modern and creative items.

    the avalaibilty of seafood and produce in the island is great, since all is imported from different locations. the vegetables normally come from colombia, the quality of the produce its outsanding since colombia has all the climates and its famous for the quality vegetables and fruit than they produce.

    the executive chef requested me and my fellow companion to bring him a list of some ideas for the side dishes that might acompany the main courses. he asked us to investigate some vegetables options priced between 5 and 7 dollars.

    i have reviewed some classics.

    as eggplant parmigiana, wich is already in the menu.

    rosemary roasted potatoes.

    grilled asparragus with parmesan

    sauteed brocolli with chili and garlic

    but im a bit stuck since i want to offer something more modern and creative.

    any ideas? any tip on this matter will help me a lot, maybe click my mind because the brain storming its not happening right now.

    hope i didnt bother you at all and looking forward to any response as we are all passionate about cooking and always a tip or recomendation between coleagues is welcome.

    cheers and keep cooking,,