Italian maincourse special ideas.

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Heya im Matt 17 yo from the UK, Ive been working in the kitchen for 2 years recently worked myself up from potwasher/back of kitchen to the pass starters now my section:D

Last week i made a starter special Parma ham with citrus salad topped with mint sprigs and limoncello liquer that sold quite good.

Now the tricky one witch maincourse special can beat pasta and pizzas or get close to it? (I work in a italian restaraunt),

I was thinking of Seafood Skewers i would like to hear some suggestions.

Cheers, Matt.
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Hey Matt,

Well done for getting so far, so quickly. Was the starter your own idea? Sounds lovely, but I can't quite see parma ham and Limoncello. I will try it tho. ( I recently aquired a recipe for it...Made up as I love it)

Anyway, As far as I'm concerned there isnt enough whole fish on Italian menus. Our local does a great sea Bass and maybe a gilt head sea bream en pappiotte  as a special, but a regular whole fish grilled recipe would go down a treat.I'm sure. Stuffed with fresh herbs, garlic and dried chillies and served with rustic bread and salad. mmm! 
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A fun dish to make and presents its self very well is Cioppino, fish stew from San Francisco. It is one of my favorite dishes to make and eat at any restaurant I can find it. You can use any and all the seafood from Fish to shrimp, clams, and mussels, Crab claws, whatever. Serve it with a long wedge of Garlic bread sticking in the bowl...............Good luck..........Chef BillyB
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Seafood lasagna

Polenta with wild mushrooms

Osso bucco

Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken Marsala

Baked fish, Sicilian Style

Polpettone (kind of an Italilan meatloaf)

Mushroom and rabbit-stuffed ravioli

Sausage and broccoli raab

Grilled lamb chops with mint-basil pesto

Veal scallopine alla Francese

Grilled salmon, Sicilian style

and plenty more.

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^all the ones above sound delicious. try looking around on line, i too work in Italian restaurant, or check out our menu. its owned by a italian family. just remember to keep it simple. 
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Involtinis -- basically a meat roll-up. Pound out a meat, lay a stuffing in the center, roll em up and cook them to order. Since they're so thin they should cook up quite quickly  and the cross section will look beautiful when you slice them. Maybe serve with a traditional mostarda and a small salad?

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