Italian Culinary Experience

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Hello all this is my first post on this website I am planning on attending the italian culinary experience over at FCI, I have been cooking for about 11 years of my life and Im 22 now I have no pro training or anything and I stumbled onto this class and the way they describe it sounds amazing. Now I know there is a thread on it already it has no real information on the program and I was just curious if anyone could tell me if they reccomend it or if it would be a waste of my time or anything.

Thanks for your help.
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Hi, I was wondering if they do part time courses in italy? Im currently at Le Cordon Bleu in L.A. but when I finish i would love to do a short course in italy. Thanks! 
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"The Italian Culinary Experience is not accredited by ACCSC and are designed for personal enrichment. It is not intended to qualify a student for employment."

This is a quote from the website. I would be mindful of an unaccredited school that costs over $41000. I get your desire and this is not the type of school that is available all over the country. This does sound like an amazing school though.
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