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Made the italian cream cake using emerils recipe.. While everyone loved the cake, I thought it was kinda dry.  But, I think that is this type of cake are more dense.  I know that some bakeries brush syrup between the cake layers..would this make it more moist?  The recipe has 1/2 cup of shortening, 1 stick butter, 1 cup of buttermilk, 5 eggs (yolk and white separated).  I know that the cake seemed lighter due to the fact that I had to whip and fold the egg whites in to the batter.  I may apply this technique to other cakes to make them lighter? Sorry, I am trying to understand technique to make baking cakes better. To avoid using shorteing, how much butter should I substitute and how would it change my cake?  I am use to making red velvet which uses oil, so tends to be moist but I like the taste of butter.  Anyone have an a real recipe for frosting...since the recipe was a basic cream cheese and not mascarpone.

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