Italian Cooking Questionnaire

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Hi everyone!

This is a questionnaire about italian cooking I have made for you. Can't say if it will be too difficult (you're not Italians...) or too easy (you're all cooking EXPERTS!) but I only hope it will not too boring! My (hopefully) correct answers are coming...

Have fun!

Starting with some odd words.....

1) What is Ciauscolo?

a) A sweet wine
b) A sort of noodle
c) a tender salami
d) a type of bread

2) What is Sciacchetrà?

a) a sweet wine
b) a sort of noodle
c) a tender salami
d) a type of bread

3) What is Pizzocchero?

a) a sweet wine...
b) a sort of noodle...
c) a tender salami...
d) a type of bread...

4) What is Rubattà?

a) of course, a sweet wine!
b) no doubt it's a sort of noodle!
c) maybe a tender salami?
d) or a type of bread?

5) The Pasta alla Norma is one of the most famous sicilian specialties. Which are the main ingredients of its sauce?

a)tomato, pancetta, onions, red peppers
b)sardines, raisins, pine nuts, fennel
c)tomato, eggplants, onions, ricotta
d)Shellfish, garlic, parsley, pepper

5) It was created in honor of one of the greatest italian Opera composers, who was born in Catania and which masterpiece is just the "Norma". He is:


6) BTW...a famous Italian composer was also an excellent cook and culinary expert! He is:


7) The Sartù is one of the most sumptuous Neapolitan dishes. It's a sort of savoury pudding filled with meatballs, mozzarella, vegetables and tomato sauce. It's made of:


8) All these cakes are typically made for Christmas, apart from one. Which one?

a)Panettone (Milano)
b)Pandoro (Verona)
c)Pastiera (Napoli)
d)Panforte (Siena)

9)Which of these ingredients does not appear in the recipe of the Saltimbocca alla Romana?

a)Prosciutto Crudo
b)White wine

10)Also Italy has its Couscous, which is traditionally served with a fish soup. Where does it come from?


11)What is "Gremolada"?

a)a typical sicilian almond icecream
b)a lemon/parsley/garlic sauce for the ossobuco alla milanese
c)a ligurian pasta sauce made with nuts, garlic, bread and EVOO
d)a traditional Piemontese fermented creamy cheese

12)A pasta specialty from Abruzzo is called "Maccheroni alla Chitarra" (Guitar Noodles). Why?

a)They're traditionally served during musical parties
b)They're made with a tool looking like a guitar
c)They're shaped like small guitars
d)They're served with a sauce made with a cheese called "Chitarra"

13)A typical Northern Italian dish is called "Uccelletti Scappati" (Escaped Birds). It's made of:


14)Which Italian region has a cooking that is very similar to the Austrian one?

a)Alto Adige

15)Which is the Italian region where the "Tiramisù" was born?

a)Alto Adige

This could be enough for now;)

If you like, I can post more questions!

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1: c) a tender salami

2: a) a sweet wine

3: d) a type of bread

4: b) no doubt it's a sort of noodle!

5: c)tomato, eggplants, onions, ricotta

6: c)Rossini (you gave added an extra #5 so I just continued)

7: d)Puccini

8: b)Rice

9: c)Pastiera (Napoli) Easter

10: d)Parmesan

11: b)a lemon/parsley/garlic sauce for the ossobuco alla milanese

12: b)They're made with a tool looking like a guitar

13: c)Veal

14: a)Alto Adige

15: b)Veneto
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Great quiz! Now I have to really take a look at some of my books, since I'm answering from memory. When will you post the answers?

1. ???
2. ???
3. b) noodles made from buckewheat flour
4. ???
5. ???
5 #2/6. b) Bellini. Ah, bel canto!
6/7. c) Rossini as in Tournedos Rossini (with foie gras and truffles) and several other pasta dishes
7/8. d) Semolina (I'll admit it, this is a guess)
8/9. c) Pastiera is for Easter, no?
9/10/ d) Parmesan
10/11. d) Sicily (also a guess, because of the strong Arabic influence)
11/12. b) Lemon/parsley/garlic: this I cook, so I'd BETTER know!
12/13. b) a chitarra is a wooden box with wires to cut stretched across it -- looks like the body of a guitar
13/14. c) Veal -- to mimic little birds; the American version is called "veal birds"
14/15. a) Alto Adige
15/16. ??? Don't know, but I would make a pilgrimage there to thank them!
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Oy, vey! I only knew 9, 11 and 12. :(

I guess I'll just have to return to Italy and take that cooking class I want to take in Firenze!! Here's the place I have in mind: Divina Cucina
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Wow, guys! I KNEW these questions were too easy for you :)
You have answered correcly to everything but n.4, that is the most difficult question (also for Italians since Rubattà is a local product).

So, you don't need them...but here they are the correct answers (BTW...oops, I hadn't noticed the double n.5, maybe we can call them 5 and 5 bis?)

1)c) Ciauscolo, a product from Marche, is a tender salami to be spreaded on bread

2)a) Sciacchetrà is the only sweet wine produced in the Cinque Terre

3)b) Pizzocchero is a type of noodle just made of black flour (suppose "buckewheat flour" is Italian it's "grano saraceno") produced in Valtellina (a mountain region of Northern Italy) and served with a sauce made of melted cheese, cabbage, onions and potatoes

4)d) Rubattà is a delicious, soft baguette-like Piemontese bread


5 bis) b)

6) c)

7) b)

8) c)

9) d)

10) d) Italian couscous (Cuscusu) is typical of the province of Trapani. It's of course a dish of Arabic influence, although it's not clear when it settled in Sicily, either during the Arab domination or later on, due to the Sicilian people who worked in Tunisia

11) b)


13) c)

14) a)

15) b) Tiramisù, contrary to what is generally believed also in Italy, isn't a traditional dish, but was created pretty recently (during the 20th century) in Veneto, probably in Treviso. It seems to be largely based on another dessert, the Zuppa Inglese, which was born during the 19th century in Tuscany to be served to the English tourists, and which is, in its turn, largely based on the english Trifle...

CONGRATS again to everybody!

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