ITALIAN CHEFS using molecular gastronomy - liquid nitrogen??

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I'm trying to do some research.   I know there's been a backlash of Italian chefs using liquid nitrogen.  I need to know of any top/famous/celebrity ITALIAN chefs who are fans of and make great "technical" food using liquid nitrogen/molecular gastronomy.   They need to be born/bred Italian, but can be working anywhere in the world. Thanks for any help!!
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It was my understanding that the use of liquid nitrogen in food preperation has gone back to before i was born and it isnt considered molecular gastronomy persay
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No idea if this helps, but I watched the first episode of Gordon Ramsey's Best Restaurant, and the winning restaurant (for that episode) was an Italian restaurant run by two brothers that did a lot of interesting things with liquid nitrogen. They aren't celebrity chefs, but a celebrity chef said they were the best Italian restaurant in England (for what that's worth).

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