Italian by association

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In getting into Italian cooking I have also taken an interest in Italian movies and culture in general, it has such a fine class to many aspects thereof.

I have been watched Bertiluccis Conformist and Passolinis Mama Roma.

I have decided I am not going to watch Passolinis Salo at this time as it is disturbing and I dont need too much of that in my life.

When you look back in history and art the Italian people are very prominent.

Just wanted to share a little.:p

My 4 year old girl Sara gets credit for picking the happy face and writing her name.
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My mother did so much Italian cooking, making her own ravioli from scratch, even, that I was almost into my teens before I figured out I was not Italian myself! She learned much of it from Nona, her best friend's mother, who was from Italy.

I think the more Italians I get to know, the more I learn about Italy, the better I like them, and the more interested I become in their cuisine.

And don't even get me started about Italian motorcycles! Sigh...
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