Italian Butter Cookie recipe like the ones found in an Italian Bakery

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To that person looking for the Italian bakery cookies I am just as frustrated as you every ARE!!!!:(
I must have made 6 different kinds but nothing tastes like those italian bakery cookies they are made with shortening .Italian star cookies....all the soft crumbly cookies made 6different shapes... I have been searching too but as I find this or crack this recipe I will share it with you . I'm a cookie baker .:chef: happy baking you can email me anytime let me know if you ever crack this & :rolleyes:I did extensive I've research and came up emptyhanded [email protected]
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The leaf cookies are French Butter cookies and are pressed into a mold to get the leaf shape....Wilton makes the molds and come in  many different shapes but time consuming to make...
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And I thought I was the only one who has endlessly been searching for this type of recipe!  I do have a good Italian butter cookie recipe courtesy of (here's the recipe:, but it is NOT like the bakery cookies I think you're talking about. I would love to find the recipe you're describing because I think it's the basis for what's called a "champagne cookie" in the Italian bakeries in the North End/Boston area - usually two or three colors of dough rolled together into a round cookie that's got colored sprinkles/jimmies on the outside (would love to make a batch for myself!).

The other recipe I'm trying to find is for a lemon cookie that's sold by a truck (aka the Torrone Guy) that is at every St. Anthony's Feast. The cookie is labeled "angietti" but is a consistency more like a sesame regina, not a puffy cakey cookie.
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This is the best recipe. thank you so very much. I had a yen for them today. These are great and they taste exactly like them with exact consistancy (crunch soft crumby). ty ty ty
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Does anyone have a "tried and true" recipe for "Bakery Style" sand cookies? I am looking for a recipe described similar to this one(see original recipe). The cookie has a crumbly chaulky texture, that melts in your mouth. There is no butter taste, just vanilla flavored. If anyone has a recipe for this type of cookie, PLEASE post.


You might want to try viennese swirls.
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