Italian american meatballs


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@kbuff.  Hope you will return, and let us know/share how it all turned out.   The "gelatinous" factor threw me, but it may very well be an outstanding superb approach, that I am unfamiliar with.  Hope it was a huge success.
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OK, Demosthenes would be proud. ?

      Non capisco.   That's greek to me.
Demosthenes, a greek statesman and orator  : 

As a boy Demosthenes had a speech impediment: Plutarch refers to a weakness in his voice of "a perplexed and indistinct utterance and a shortness of breath, which, by breaking and disjointing his sentences much obscured the sense and meaning of what he spoke."[sup][29][/sup]  There are problems in Plutarch's account, however, and it is probable that Demosthenes actually suffered rhotacism, mispronouncing ρ (r) as λ (l).[sup][32][/sup]  Aeschines taunted him and referred to him in his speeches by the nickname "Batalus",[sup][d][/sup]  apparently invented by Demosthenes's pedagogues or by the little boys with whom he was playing.[sup][33][/sup]  Demosthenes undertook a disciplined program to overcome his weaknesses and improve his delivery, including diction, voice and gestures.[sup][34][/sup]  According to one story, when he was asked to name the three most important elements in oratory, he replied "Delivery, delivery and delivery!"[sup][35][/sup]  It is unknown whether such vignettes are factual accounts of events in Demosthenes's life or merely anecdotes used to illustrate his perseverance and determination.[sup][36][/sup]

He also used to talk with pebbles in his mouth and recited verses while running.[sup][[/sup]

Thus, the meatballs. 
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Oh and orator?  Well I can can "orate" like the best of them.  But don't bet your beans on it.
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Hi Panini,

Sorry for not responding earlier, but I have some health issues. 

I don't use gelatin for aspic since my preference for more traditional ways. You can prepare aspic from several gelatinous ingredients. I like two of them:

1. Chicken feet, pigs feet, calves feet, etc

2. Fish heads (good for seafood, obviously)

You just cook them in water, and once the broth gets chilled is settles. I use fish aspic for cold stuffed pike in aspic, the other with many cold meat dishes, pates,etc.

I used chicken aspic (and made a mistake of seasoning it, maybe to aggressively) for meatballs to add juiciness (at least I though so). I took the rather thick (condensed aspic - you need to experiment), quite cold but not frozen (adds to its firmness),  chopped it and added to the meat mixture. Maybe it worked, but I'm not sure. As I said it might have been an overkill. And also, as I said, I would use neutral tasting aspic (not seasoned or very lightly seasoned, but no other spice, just salt and pepper).

Thank you all for all your comments.

My meat balls came out great. My sauce, as I said not so (too "flatly sour" and the look from ricotta not too appetizing).


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That sounds delicious! Never tried adding ricotta to my meat balls. Now I'm going to. Yum yum yum.
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