It was nice knowing you all... Last meal?

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So, with the impending Rapture coming up tomorrow, I wanted to say that it's really been a pleasure knowing you non-heathens in the short time I've been here. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif

So, in honor of the great purging, here's the question of the day:

What would your final meal be?

For me, I'd have to go back to my childhood and have a really yummy, starchy meal.  A well-cooked steak with a bit of A1 (don't judge me), and a soft, warm roll smothered with butter, creamy mashed potatoes and corn.

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Tricky one. Any restrictions?

Umm, this is looking a bit extravagant so far. All small portions obviously:

Whitstable native (flat) oyster

Seared scallop, orange zest butter, shaved Gotland truffle, fresh & pickled radish

English green asparagus, foie gras, slow-cooked egg, grape gel

Baked cod, pea shoot 'bubble and squeak', wild garlic, fresh cucumber, pernod sauce

Osso bucco, risotto alla Milanese, bone marrow, gremolata

Waygu short rib, ceps, bacon nibs, lightly pickled baby carrots, dried berries

English & French cheeses

Dessert I'm not yet decided on but it would definitely feature liquorice and salted caramel


This is all rather impractical but seriously, I'd want my last meal to be a compendium of all of the most amazing things I could imagine or at least want to have eaten before things come to a conclusion.
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Chopped liver with plenty of schmaltz

Pork rillettes with REAL French baguette

My grandmother's cinnamon rolls

lots of fresh fruit salad

A huge bowl of popcorn with butter

Nice to dream, but the world will be here tomorrow!
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An orgy of Chinese BBQ from soy chicken, roast duck, BBQ and roast pork.

And the best thing is if Camping ends up being wrong, BBQ pork makes great fried rice next day :D
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I'd have to stop by Mezzalunas for some Chopped Liver. Add a little brandy and fresh ground pink peppercorn when her back was turned.

Then meet up with Patch for the Dim Sum Marathon.

Oh, taking gentle care of a stolen cinnamon roll from Mezza's Grandmother for the morning. In case I'm the only one left.

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A jello shot off Jennifer lopez's tummy. I could eat dinner in the here after, in fact it just maybe hot enough for a BBQ.................ChefBillyB
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A jello shot off Jennifer lopez's tummy. I could eat dinner in the here after, in fact it just maybe hot enough for a BBQ.................ChefBillyB

                                                                                   Maybe I'll take Hugh Jackman!!  Yeah Baby!!

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as long as nothing has to match or flow i would have(small portion plates of):

~ freezer cold grey goose vodka, and with the rapture coming and not having to worry about liver problems...very cold, raw oysters from the pnw with fresh  

    horseradish and hot sauce

~ escargot with extra garlic butter and really good bread to mop it all up 

~ west indian conch roti with kachula and homemade mango chutney

~ pea and potato samosas

~ grilled just caught caribbean lobster with melted butter

~ grilled 'olathe' sweet corn ditto with the butter, s&p

~ six different flavor 'tasters' of gelato; hazelnut, espresso, mint, blackberry,lemon,pistachio

~ lots and lots of very cold veuve clicquot

Send me my rapture today...Praise the Lord & Hallelujah!

(of course, people to share it with, goes without saying)....would we have to say grace?


oops, forgot to add add crostata di would be hellish without that!!!
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Nasi Goreng like my dad used to make it, with 2 soft fried eggs, meatball, krupuk (prawn crackers) and sticks of cucumber
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So what happened?????

Crap!! I'm still here!!! I kinda got on board with CBelgium.

With a cloudy head I had to drive out to the airport  very early this morning to pick someone up.

After going through the toll booths and driving by the cabbies, it had appeared that we had been taken over.

/img/vbsmilies/smilies/eek.gifOMG! I didn't just say that!!! Something has happened to me.

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In-house made gooseliverwurst on fresh rye, with a slice of onion and mustard, preferably from European Provisions in NJ.
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Sundaymorning in Europe, nearly noon... Hallelujah! I must be in heaven right now, moderate temperature and all. I was more expecting to wake up in a hot hell, browsing my own curriculum when I was vitae.

Looks very similar to what I had when I was alive except my cellar is now full of empty beer bottles.
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okay all, 

so now that we're clearly still here, should we have a 'i survived the rapture' dinner? (sure someone will come up with a t shirt soon). since i was in a rapture dinner panic, i neglected to include any vegetables, fruits or cheese, which i love dearly...being a bit fuzzy from all the bubbles this morning, spicy bloody marys have top billing.....grilled asparagus, peppers,baby zuc and squash, onions and eggplant with cabernet balsamic redux, wonderful heirloom tomatoes with fresh mozzarella, basil and high end evoo. blackberries, figs, pears, beausault,gorgonzola, goat cheese, fresh baguettes and butter, fig jam...actually am having a little dinner party tonight to celebrate the blessed event that we are all still here and hopefully for a very long time!.....i must be in heaven....there is no snow...finally!! and a bluebird morning to boot.... glad to know that all you heathens are still here...cheers!!

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I had a monster bowl of Capn Crunch with 1% milk.  None of those gimmicky crunchberries--I take my Capn straight.
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hey panini,

 i know you're most likely swamped with graduation cakes, prom cakes and wedding cakes, but how bout' and 'i survived the rapture cake'? maybe little angels and devils or angels with little horns? too riskee? but it would be funny!!!

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I think that's a great idea!!!!

Just need to run it by the boss./img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif

Not risky, I'll just air brush 9" fondant plaques.


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