It Never Gets Old.

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Also, the fifth time in an hour that a server sells the only thing that's been 86'd. 

The expo picks a plate that is obviously modified in place of the reggae.

The disher calls off ten minutes before he's supposed to be in.

The owner is supposed to be working the host stand but he's already half-way through an eight ball and didn't bother to show up.

The same server rings up a 20 on two tickets...rang in fifteen minutes apart without mentioning the first one was just the first half of a party.  So it's in the window before you start the other half.

The expo breaks a glass in the ice bin because she can't be bothered to use an ice scoop, even though you told her 1,502 times what could happen.

You know that well done filet for table 40?  That was supposed to be medium rare.  Sorry.

Sometimes it does get old./img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif
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Apologies to Peachcreek- you're right, some stuff doesn't get old.  It's been a bad couple weeks and I was making light of it.  We're starting a new menu Tues so we're drawing down the levels of stuff that we won't use anymore and naturally the FOH staff can't be bothered to look at the 86 board, nor to try to put a good face things for the guests.

But there's always good:

When someone on a cross country road trip claims mine was the best meal they'd had in 1,000 miles.

A customers asks for the recipe to something (I generally give it, too).

We rock out a couple of $2,000 hours and it goes like clockwork.

A guest says we served them the best jagerschnitzel they're ever had- and they're from Germany.

Someone tells you they can't believe there's a restaurant like this in "the middle of nowhere".
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That "glass in the ice bin" has happened more times than I can remember.

This pisses me off more than anything else.
Great band bar is packed and and I am working off one station for the whole place.
The blonde bimbo ( yeah I occasionally diss a cocktail waitress ;-) wants a coke and I am too busy so she comes back and scoops.....
She learns her lesson cuz I gave her tables away and made her clean it out .
Only fair.....I had to work out of pickle buckets until could get back online.
Good times....

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