It is even possible to have healthy Diet as a cook?

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I love this industry to bit. But, one things always frustrate me is the temptation to over indugle on booze and good food.

Working within this industry booze, drug, food is never to far away. I felt it's a constant pressure to try new food from new places to keep yourself aware of what is going on in the industry. But, I'm not sure if that's the right way to go about it because it can get really expensive and it's definitely not good for your waistline.

Does anyone have a good advice for this aspiring cook to become successful without falling into those vices?

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It really is all about will power. Eat a good meal before you go to work. If you are tasting food (which you should be) make sure you are taking the small tastes possible. Watch the constant grazing that happens so easily. If you do a "family meal" try to get your cooks to make something healthy. Watch the late night drinking. Not saying to give it up completely just make sure to moderate it (for many reasons). Think about getting into a work out routine. Not only helps with the unhealthy eating, but can be a great stress reliever also.
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Very good question, and one that you will be very glad you addressed early in your career. The fact that you are is a huge step in the right direction.

I was blessed with a severe case of gout from my indulgent diet over many years. The pain can be beyond excruciating. I now have it under control, but can no longer party like it’s 1999. Lol

My advice is a to eat a good large healthy breakfast. (Even if that is at 2pm) It is the meal you are most likely to eat alone, so healthier choices are easier, and you can eat smaller portions later in the day. I also drink a glass of water in between every alcoholic drinks. It helps a lot. It took a while to get the habit, but it locks in over time.

Excersize is always a plus too.

Eat, Drink, Be Merry. (Just be mindful)
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I do it by assuming full responsibility for the stewardship of my body. Also (and this is strictly for me and about me) if I find myself feeling the need to start moderating an activity, it raises a red flag. At that point I need to explore the why with a deep and honest inventory.
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(and this is strictly for me and about me) if I find myself feeling the need to start moderating an activity, it raises a red flag. At that point I need to explore the why with a deep and honest inventory.
That is a great statement
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I avoid sugar. I don't drink alcohol. I drink a lot of water with lemon at work. I've never had a weight problem. I think I spent a summer subsisting on duck cracklings and still lost weight.
I told someone at work I should make a bumper sticker and put it on my car~
"I Lost 15 lbs in 6 weeks on the Duck Butt Diet. Ask Me How!'
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Difficult for sure, but absolutely manageable
Big meal before going into work is the foundation of it - and ideally a little bit of pre-planning for the after work (after drinks) munchies - I used to cook a huge pot of chili on my day off, portioned it up and froze it - great for those late nights coming home rummaging the fridge for anything edible

One trick I've found very useful was - stick to Gin & Tonics
On the one side - you get a little bit of hydration while drinking (mind you, not enough to substitute that glass of water) and generally one drinks it slower than let's say a beer
Also - it has a lot less calories than beer ;)

A bit of sport also never hurt - fully agree with that - and once you get into the routine of reserving just a little bit of time each day for a little work-out (can be at home before you head out, on the way to work, heck, can even be during work if that is possible) - but once you are in the routine, it comes natural
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I really enjoy wearing a fit bit watch and pushing myself to move more everyday. I definitely don't have the same problems as you, but I think if you realize now what the problem is, the obvious answer is moderation with everything.
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