It doesnt look good to me

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I dont know where they got my name but the cooking club of america keep sending me emails to join there site,This does not look like i could get any knowledge out of this site at all or give any advise for that matter. So to whom ever else is getting bothered by these people from what i have seen i would not reccomend it.If anyone thinks any different let me know maybe i am getting the wrong idea but i dont think i am from what i can see.Thanks Chef AlexanderZ 
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I get stuff from them all the time. They are forever sending me crap in the mail (rubber bowl scrapers that double as "pasta measure" and filling my email inbox with spam. I don't know how they got my info either but I just ignore it all. The stuff they want to send looks like gimmicky (and as my contractor husband says) "home owner crap" akin to black and decker power tools.
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