It Didn't Work Out (long)

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Well, the new job didn't work out and I quit.  I emailed the owners and let them know I would work out this week but I had an email back telling me not to bother coming in as I'm not needed anyway and drop off the key first thing at 8am.  I took the 8am thing as a guideline (it's a key for crying out loud.. what am I going to do, make copies of it and give them to all of my friends???) so I took the dog for a walk around the bay before going over with the key.  I checked my email before I went over and there was a nasty one from her telling me I was late and that she expected the key at 8am and to bring it to the back door when I come. I'm sure she wanted to berate me so I said stuff it and sent it over in a cab. 

I liked the people I worked with but hindsight is everything.  There are  lots of things that I should have taken as danger signs and well I think I was just too ready to leave the last place and I jumped too soon.  None of the staff has been there for a year, and I should have taken that as a warning sign. The menu is fine to manage in the space we had but then they'd add three or four special eggs benny for the weekend and expect me to bang them out in 10 minutes or less when I have a four burner stove, one burner is taken up by poaching water, and they want me to do bennys that need four pans to produce!!   I'm getting stressed out just thinking about that one....   I should have gone with my gut feeling about the owner but after meeting him I did give him a chance even though there was this nagging little thing at the back of my mind... 

At the end of the day this is a good thing.  It is the kick in the pants that I need to get off my behind and start the catering business I have been dreaming of since my youngest was born!  (and she will be 16 next week)  I'm going to look at renting a church or community kitchen when I need it and do office lunches etc. I'm also going to start my own personal chef service as well.  I talked to the owner of the last place as I was asking about my daughter's status there and I when he asked me how it was going I told him that I quit.  He would take me back in a heartbeat and when he's back from his trip to Europe to see his son he's going to put a bug in the other owner's ear that I am available and willing to come back part time while I build my business.  I told him that I was only able to commit to part time and he was fine with that... seems my former KM is also going back just part time as well doing fruits so I would love to work a weekend shift with him.

So  my plan for today is to go check out the cash and carry and see if they have the trays etc I need to do sandwich platters and also talk to the minister of the Baptist Church and work out a rental arrangement with their kitchen.  I have been in all of the church kitchens in this area for one reason or another and I like the Baptist's  kitchen the best. 

Thanks for reading my ramble...
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Wow, sorry to hear that! But at least now you are working towards a dream, even if it took this to get there. 

Good luck in your new ideas and keep us posted on how it turns out!


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So you're ready to argue with the KM face to face in the mirror?
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Yep phatch that I am and i'm looking forward to it.  It will be nice to have a couple of shifts at the old place with my former KM.. the two of us would have a blast doing fruits together. 

Now for the real fun... developing the menu, getting insurance, finding a kitchen.... all that fun stuff
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Thanks, Crazy!  Like I said I should have trusted my gut but it's water under the bridge now and only better things await me. 
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Did catering (my own biz) for ten years.

My thoughts?

Catering ain't about cooking.  It's about getting clients, keeping clients, and delivering 3 different lunches all within a 20 minute window.

I've done events where clients guaranteed a full kitchen, found out nothing worked for the last 5 years, and succesfully finished the event with a CDN tire "special" bbq and a $10.00 electric hot plate.  Matter of fact such a hot plate could probably be used to poach eggs with... 

About the key?

Should have been there at 7:50 am with a fecal eating grin on your face.  It isn't a hunk of metal, it's a key to a workplace filled with thousands of dollars of inventory.  You haven't experienced nasty yet, and I hope you never will.
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I didn't think of the key that way, thanks for mentioning it, foodpump.  The inventory that was at the place is not much as I was using out what we had for features and I bet what I have at home in my own kitchen is worth more than the stock at the diner.  I'd never rob anyone blind but I can see the potential for someone who would think that way.\

I'm ready for the advenure... the other half thinks I'm nuts but well I have to give it a shot!
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The best of luck to you Leeniek! I really hope that you sore with your own thing. I can see how catering will really test out your management skills. There are some great books about project management. I would really recommend you check a few out as I think being a catering owner will require you to balance many more balls than you are used to running a kitchen. My background is actually in project management.

Also get a great contact management program you feel comfortable using and REALLY use it. It will save your a$$ when you least expected it! I personally use gmail, although many use Outlook or Act!.. If you use Outlook check out there upgrade for contact manager. For me gmail rocks because it is on the web so I can ALWAYS get to it no matter if I have my computer with me or not. I have an Android so I can get to anything I need at any time. It is something to consider. You might be a mac user, I have heard that they have a great setup also. 
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Thanks, RG.  You're right I am a mac user and their mail program is good but I had already planned to use gmail as like you said, it's on the web.   I'll keep you guys posted as to how things go along.  The web has been a great source of info for me and I have been reading and learning alot.

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