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I bought a lovely hunk of taro, figuring on making shoestring fries with part, and a puree with the rest. But now I don't want to do the fries. Any suggestions for other SIMPLE possibilities? Steamed taro and ___________ (fill in the blank)?
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Suzanne, I wish I had some recipes for you,but taro latki's are amazing with creme fraich and caviar :)

or chili roast magret with honey glazed taro

or if you angry,just pound it to make poi ;)

Simmered with leeks in pulugra,and sauteed shrooms.

I have to think about this more Suzanne,it's been a while since i cooked taro..btw, do you have the leaves?there also delicoius
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It's okay, CC. I ended up peeling, cubing, and steaming the whole piece. I put about 1 to 1 1/2 cups of the cubes through the food mill, and mixed that with the same amount of pureed Idaho potatoes that I'd boiled with a handful of kasoori methi (dried fenugreek leaves), plus a little powdered fenugreek seed and some butter. Cooking water to thin it to a puree. Looked unappetizing -- kind of brownish/purplish -- but tasted great. I may turn the leftovers into fritters, with some chopped Chinese Sausage mixed in.

I put the rest of the cooked taro away in its cooking water. I'll figure out something else in a couple of days, assuming it holds all right in the fridge.

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