ISO sauerkraut recipe, which doesn’t use vinegar


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Vinegar is a shortcut to the sourness that the fermentation generates. Just salt, cabbage and time. The link below includes some caraway too.

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Indeed if you find a recipe that involves vinegar then it's not sauerkraut. The recipe should involve only cabbage and salt.
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I concur, cabbage (preferably late/winter white) and salt only.
I use ~3Tbs pickling salt per 5 lbs shredded cabbage (via krauthobel/mandolin).
Squish, crush the cabbage with the salt as you layer it.
Lay on weights, cover & keep it slightly below room temp for a few weeks.
For small batches, glass weights for mason jars are available thru Amazon, or WHY .
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Oh and there's no need to purchase anything specific. I used a standard large size glass jar, very clean, rinsed in hot water. A wooden spoon for pushing down on the cabbage when it would resurface, and another, smaller size glass jar as the lid (so that it would push down on the cabbage to make it stay below the liquid surface).

And I personally used regular sea salt even though I know they put some corn starch in there to keep it from caking... it worked fine.
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I use normal salt as thats the only thing available here, and a plastic bag with a brine solution (same percentage as the actual brine) to keep the cabbage down
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I will only add that many vegetables can be fermented using the same method. Timing may be different depending on the vegetable but fermenting is a very old preservation method, certainly tried and true.
Adding vinegar is typically considered pickling, also an old preservation method for all kinds of vegetables.
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