ISO Manhattan Clam Chowder Recipe with a Roux, please

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I am a somewhat proficient home cook.  My dear father (and quite a good cook himself) passed away five years ago.

Sad to say, I wish I was able to locate a recipe he used for Manhattan-style Clam Chowder, which got *tons* of rave reviews from all of us who betook of his culinary pride each and every year we hosted our street's "block clambake party."  Actually, I recall him showing me the recipe from Hawaii's "Waikiki Beach Press" (circa 1974?) which was provided to the WBP by some famous chef in Honolulu back then.  God only knows what happened to that recipe since then!!

I would give *anything* to get my hands on it, but recall it having kernels of corn in it, stewed tomatoes, and dad *did* use/make a (butter and flour-based) roux, in addition to clams, carrots, celery, onions... but it was definitely *not* a white/"New England Clam Chowder"-type looking chowder.

If any of you chefs could provide any insight as to how I can "resurrect" this like recipe, it would be appreciated!  BTW, the WBP no longer is in existence; it was formerly "the" Honolulu "tourist free weekly" paper for visitors to Hawaii.  And, sad to say, never remembered the chef's name or his restaurant for the life of me.... (sigh)....

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