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    I am always bragging about all the fresh from the water shrimp we can have at the snap of our fingers.

    Not so the Texas (Gulf Of Mexico) oyster.

    The DH had a reef that he would visit every fall and take just the largest, leaving the rest to mature for the next year.

    For two years San Antonio Bay was closed to (what do you call them, oystermen?) .


    By what I do not know.

    Last weekend was our first cold snap (as well as the second brr month (brr, as in Septemb(e)rr, Octob(e)rr, you get the idea) .

    It was officially the start of the oyster season (in the DH's mind, lol).

    He made his trip last Saturday and "his" reef has disappeared.

    Dredged by an oyster boat?

    Way too shallow.

    Mother Nature giveth and Mother Nature taketh away.... no big deal, right?


    It is a huge deal as we found out this past weekend.

    Visited several restaurants in search of those plump, briny bi-valves from Heaven.

    The first, a "Cajun" place didn't even have any.

    The second tasted like they had been plucked from a container and placed on wet shells.

    The third place we ordered fried and they came out tasting of old grease.

    Where in the Houston area can we find a decent, fresh oyster???

    Don't care about the sides, just need that fix.

    Have ordered a sack from a bait camp in Port Lavaca, but we are on a first come first serve LIST????