ISO: Food processor/blender/juicer ISO: Food processor/blender/juicer

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I am posting the following for a friend:

"My 20 yr old blender finally quit. I am told a food processor is the one to buy, that it will blend also. I also need a juicer (we have orange and grapefruit trees). I read in Consumer reports that there are food processors avaible with juicer attachments, yet have been unable to find any online, or in my old Williams Sonoma catalog

Would appreciate any advice on food processors (there are only 2 of us)
Tips, brands, will it work as a blender .......and juicer

thanx to all in advanceP
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cuisinart? black and decker?

krups makes a great cirtus juicer, $35
waring makes a great blender, $99
cuisinart makes a great processor.$199
vigamatic makes a great several things in one device. $399 (the one with the nude chef campain)

I like having one of each of the smaller things because if it dies, you replace one fairly cheap item.


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I agree with m brown. I would by them individually. Each one is meant to do a different job. Overall food processors make bad blenders as they cant get stuff really smooth. Blenders make bad pesto because it makes stuff too smooth and neither make good juicers, even with attachments. Waring or Hamitlon blenders are the best and Cuisinart makes a great mini food processor perfect for making things for only two people, and I believe that it is under $75.

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