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    Hi there,

    I may not be in the right forum but I am trying to find some courses for my wife. She is an avid cook and baker - she makes wedding cakes and does parties for friends etc. but it is all self taught and on her own. She works full time.

    As an anniversary gift I want to get her some formal training. There are two issues. First, she works so it would have to be an evening course. Second, I dont have any idea where to go.  Many things I see are one night courses for someone learning to cook one dish.

    I want something much more - I was looking at Liason and George Brown for a course but wasnt sure who was the best fit for her. 

    We are looking for something in downtown Toronto and during the evenings. If any one has any ideas, I would love to hear from you.

    First time poster so if I havent followed proper forum rules, I apologize.