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:chef: Does any one know how to make " Pate a brik" could you share the recipe please

Pate a Brik

This very thin "crepe" is common to the cuisines of North African countries (especially Tunisia). It is very thin--a cross between crepes and phyllo dough and has become very popular among chefs as a light dough ideal for wrapping a multitude of different baked or even deep fried items ( a much lighter alternative to the classical puff pastry.). The dough becomes very crispy as it bakes.
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WOW! I looked all over the web and came up empty handed! Is it a dessert or entree item? Maybe I can find it that way! :confused:
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Brik is a pastry somewhat like phyllo. It's also used in France as well. I supposed you could make brik yourself, but I'll bet you can order it from somewhere.

Try searching this site. There may be earlier threads with the information you seek. This site actually has a description of the traditional method for making brik.

I'm sure the pastry pros here will direct you to a source.

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