Isn't a Chef de Commis, An Entry Level Position& Perfect For Me?

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    Looking for work is such a chore.  I haven't had to do this is a long time.  I have been applying for chef de commis jobs, expeditor, prep cook.  These I are perfect for someone fresh out of culinary school.  The one advantage I have is that I'm not a novice in the kitchen and can show them my skills. 

    It's a little depressing that I just got turned down for another entry-level position.  This one was for a major hotel as a prep cook.  I guess I'm a little stumped as to why my application, resume, and cover letter was rejected for such an entry level position.  People are probably either experienced and/or are networking.  I'm trying to network, too.

    I'm filling out the majority of my apps online and talking to friends in the industry.  Most of my friends, have run their courses and don't care for the industry anymore.  One wants to teach and another just wants out all together, but they still give me advice and are looking out for me.  I'm also looking into agencies that specialize in the culinary employment.

    We'll see.
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    You're probably viewed as "overqualified" for these positions since you had a previous career(I was following your last thread). Don't give up; also try and find catering companies, they attract a different type than restaurants and it might be a better fit. I moonlighted this winter for a caterer by my house and one of his lead cooks and his pastry cook were career changers in their 40s.