Is wild corn safe to eat?

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I left out a few corn cobs for squirrels that I got at a bird seed store, and the squirrels buried them, and now I have 7 foot stalks of corn in various places in my yard.

Is this corn safe to eat?


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Those are after nixtamalization. More like corn meal or polenta.
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My father fed cattle on his hobby farm (he grew up on a real one, and missed it) and I pulled off many ears of young feed corn and cooked them.  They were delicious . As the corn matures they get a lot tougher, but the cattle don't seem to mind.


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Pull the corn while they are young. Usually there ate peak about 3 weeks after the silk appears. 

To be positive pierce a kernel of corn, if a milky liquid comes out, they are ready for the picking. 

Old corn tends to be hard, a bit dry too and not very good for cooking. 

If i were you i would pick that corn quick and try to use it in the kitchen or feed the birds and squirrels with it. 

If it´s already been weeks after the silk has appeared probably can´t do much with it other then making polenta as stated, or grinding it for flour. 

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