Is using vegetable oil on a flat-top grill a valid method for reducing cook-time?

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I recently got into a discusion with the owner of my restaurant about using vegetable oil on the flat-top grill. We cook marinated chicken breast on the flat-top and I use oil because I believe that it reduces cook-time and adds flavor to the meat. Have I been taught wrong?
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I wouldn't say you have been taught wrong, however is there oil in the marinade for the chicken? Perhaps the owner feels that additional oil is not needed when putting the chicken on the flattop due to the oil already in the marinade.

Many times the best way to clear up a difference in opinion is to do a side by side cooking test. Do one piece without oil and one piece with oil and time how long it takes for each. Then taste each one to see if there is difference.
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Yeah, I'm going to guess that the marinade carries enough oil.  If there is no oil in the marinade, then yes I'd add oil to the flat top.  
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